Steve Cerny and Mark Santi have become a vital part of our business. Santi Cerny are more than simply our attorneys – they are our legal advisors. Santi Cerny help us with everything from contracts, to employment law, to intellectual property and litigation. They are professional, responsive, and most importantly – effective. I recommend Santi Cerny to any business, large or small, that needs a true legal partner.

– Dennis Dimka, CEO – Uptime Legal Systems

Mark was invaluable in helping us through one of the most difficult times in our life. I had to quit working due to a sudden onset of a severe medical condition. My wife and I had to face a new life situation due to our drastically reduced income.

Overnight, we went from a very comfortable standard of living with a nice home and lifestyle to the unknown. We had never considered we would face this. It was a scary and stressful time. Mark helped us compare and then select the best approach to work through the multitude of decisions and legal processes. He educated us on the financial and legal ramifications for alternative paths. He answered our questions and helped to make a very complex set of decisions and activities understandable…always with a sympathetic ear to our point of view.

He always took the time to talk with us and return our calls, no matter how trivial. Mark talked with all those “outside” people who we had to deal with, strongly protecting our interests; he covered the complex so we did not have to. Mark’s personality, skills, and approach make it easy for us to recommend Mark highly if you are looking for an attorney you can trust.

– Garry

Steve has helped with various corporate and personal legal matters. You will find Steve to be a true professional, and he gets the job done while providing proper guidance, representation, and communication.

An outstanding person who cares, Steve is very honest and sincere. You will be happy with his quality of service and the effort he puts forth. He will work hard for you, and I highly recommend him.

– Paul Johnson, Owner, LEI Packaging, LLC

I highly recommend attorney Mark C. Santi. I had contacted a number of attorneys regarding a lawsuit but none seemed willing to take my case, or they seemed to lack the skills, knowledge and experience that Mark has. Mark took my case when others wouldn’t and I am extremely pleased with the result.

Beyond his skills as an attorney which include an aggressive, thorough, and professional approach, Mark immediately struck me as a kind and caring person, completely shattering the stereotype some might have of lawyers. I’m extremely thankful that I was able to be put into contact with someone who is both a great attorney and great person.

– Erin H.

From both Gary and I, we want to say thank you for your compassionate and professional representation during one of the most stressful times in our lives. We are thrilled that we found you, and we would definitely recommend you to a friend who needed representation.

– Sonya and Gary

Over the course of the last seven months, I’ve had the experience of working closely with Mark Santi on a number of issues ranging from a Harassment Restraining Order (which he won) and a closing of my business along with a number of many business related issues. While working with him, Mr. Santi always displayed a sincere, genuine, caring and professional demeanor towards me and my family.

With the past issues I’ve experienced, trust was a major problem for me and Mr. Santi was able to counsel, guide and motivate me to move forward even during the worst of times and yet he never faltered or failed me. I feel that his level of professionalism should not go unnoticed and in fact be commended as well as your firm for taking on someone with such kindness, intelligence and willingness to shine under stress. I highly recommend him to any and all individuals who in the future may need legal representation.”

– Sarah

“We are so glad we were referred to Steve. He is a key part of the success team for our business. We highly recommend him be your first call for any legal related concerns!”

– Dr. Tory Robson, Owner, Winners Edge Consulting, LLC

“I was consulting on a federal employment law matter, and Steven Cerny was brought in to handle the final settlement negotiations. His work was excellent and the result was beyond my expectations – in terms of the settlement, of course, but also in terms of the client experience. These processes are hard on people; the client needs to feel that the lead attorney is totally competent. Steven was perfect in that regard – we were fortunate to have his expertise and leadership on the matter, impressed with how he managed the flow of negotiation, and grateful for the result he created for our client.”

– Dan Currell, Esq.

“Steve has played a critical role in helping us navigate the unique legal challenges that face a rapidly growing company. Whether it be in assisting in the acquisition of several trademarks, or working with the organization to restructure our employee onboarding process, Steve provides thoughtful counsel in a timely manner. However, what truly separates Steve from other attorneys we have worked with is the time he has taken to learn about our business and the industry we work in. Steve’s guidance is always provided with an understanding of our organization’s values and goals for the future.”

– Samuel Griffin, General Counsel, Elite Medical Scribes